Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Away Message

I jumped. I jumped and guess what happened. I landed on two feet; or more accurately, I landed on a flight from EasyJet, but more on that later.

You can delete my previous French address from your iPhone, Blackberry and address books because no longer am I living with the American family. They went their way and I went mine (And not to boast, but my way still includes Europe, Nutella, and good wine). Will I miss the kids? I think so. Did they thank me for the anxiety provoking round-the-clock care of their children? Sure didn't. Can I let out sigh of relief? Finally.

I wish them the best.
I should have left earlier; not waited until July. I've known this for a while. But I also should've not trusted a French woman to cut my hair two months ago; should've drank more water; eaten less sugar; should've put on sunscreen yesterday; ordered the fish instead of the chicken; and should've doubted my mom in 1996 when she suggested I perm my hair. But, today is a new day. So with my sunscreen already applied, I'm off to explore; sans children; sans Au Pair services; sans anyone else's direction but my own. And with that, here's what happens:
Hi. You've reached Lauren. Sorry I'm not available (even though I'm not) to return your call, text, Facebook message or email (unless, of course, it’s my dad, wanting to send money). I am currently traveling at the moment (and by "moment," I mean "The Entire Month of July"). London, Croatia, Provence, and then heading up to Paris where I will finish my solo travels and meet my dear California friend Rachel. We will proceed to dance our way through France, ending in Cinque Terre, enjoying everything Italian influenced and garlic infused. I invite you to leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as my tan has developed, wine glass is empty, and/or I find the motivation to leave my view of the Adriatic Sea. Ciao.


  1. Freedom!!! How wonderful :) I hope we can catch up soon! Miss you!

  2. Hello Lauren!
    I live in Charbonnieres too, & I would be thrilled to have a drink with you as soon as you come back from your trip!
    I love your posts, and it could be fun to talk together...I've just returned from a 6 months stay in San Diego...
    I hop you will answer me.
    Thomas BAUDRY